WordCamp 2012 is Here!!

Our local community of amazing WordPressers has assembled over 21 (soon to be 25) topics and speakers that were voted on as the BEST for our 2nd annual WordCamp.

Tickets are only $20 for:

  • a full day of workshops, demonstrations, presentations & forums
  • lunch
  • an awesome T-shirt!
  • a day of meeting other WordPress users/designers/developers (who know a ton!)

We have 4 tracks:

  1. Content: you get out what you put in – a collection of topics that will help you use WordPress as the best vehicle for [insert your new online idea here]
  2. Design: mmm, make it look goooood – create a better user experience & learn how to make people say “Wow! That’s a WordPress site?”
  3. Development: get under the hood & get dirty – a great collection of speakers who know their way around the codex!
  4. Campfire: e’erbody gather ’round! – great topics that everyone should learn about. Feel free to bring marshmallows, but unfortunately safety regulations won’t let us have a real fire :(

Learn More Here or

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WordCamp St. Louis is SOLD OUT. Whew!

I am extremely impressed, St. Louis! When I first started thinking about WordCamp happening in St. Louis, I thought, “Is St. Louis ready for a WordCamp?” The answer is now extremely obvious – YES! We have sold out for our event at 200 eager WordPress-lovers ready to learn and meet other like-minded WordPressians (I totally just made that up).

Now let’s have some fun at WordCamp! Don’t forget – we still need volunteers!

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15 Tickets Left for #WCSTL 2011

If you haven’t purchased tickets yet for WordCamp St. Louis 2011, the final opportunity is here! There are only 15 tickets left until we’re 100% full! Buy your tickets now to ensure a spot in the biggest WordPress extravaganza St. Louis has ever seen.

Buy Tickets Now

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Details Finalized on WordCamp St. Louis Afterparty

The afterparty for WordCamp St. Louis has been set for 7:00 PM at Pin Up Bowl, a hip bowling alley situated in the University City Loop at the Moonrise Hotel. Attendees of WordCamp St. Louis will be able to enjoy 2 hours of free bowling (shoes included) and free appetizers & pizza, all thanks to our amazing sponsors!

Please remember that all attendees must bring their badges to get in to the after party and we look forward to seeing you there!

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Matt Mullenweg to Hold Town Hall Q&A at WordCamp St. Louis

I’m excited to announce that Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of WordPress and founder of Automattic, will be holding a town hall session at WordCamp St. Louis 2011 where folks can ask questions about WordPress, Automattic, or even Matt’s favorite foods! This is one session you definitely don’t want to miss!

If you STILL haven’t picked up tickets, there are approximately 20 or so remaining – buy them now!

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Don’t Forget to Badge it Up!

If you’re attending, speaking, or sponsoring WordCamp St. Louis – now is the time to tell everyone about it! We’ve come up with some super duper badges that you can add to your website with just a simple copy/paste. Head on over and get your badge for WordCamp St. Louis 2011!

Pro Tip: You can customize the badge code with the text you prefer for your website. It’s all HTML/CSS/Javascript-based!

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Tickets Sold Out for #WCSTL – But Wait – You Have One More Chance!

Holy moly. YOU PEOPLE ARE AWESOME. With just over two weeks to go, you completely destroyed and demolished the tickets for WordCamp St. Louis 2011. For those of you that didn’t get your tickets in time – we’re opening up 50 more spots for this year’s WordCamp St. Louis. Why? Because we want to give everyone in St. Louis that is interested in WordCamp the ability to attend. However, this time – once we’re sold out – there will be no more tickets!

So what are you waiting for?!? Buy tickets now before they’re gone!

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Rumour Has It – WordPress.com Support In The Building

A rumor has been going around that approximately 20 WordPress.com Happiness Engineers would be in town for WordCamp St. Louis 2011.

@wordcampstl I would, but somebody told me that 22 happiness engineers would be in the vicinity, so hey, let them cope with it. :)less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

I am happy to confirm that this rumor is TRUE! The WordPress.com Support team will be attending #WCSTL and taking turns fielding questions from eager WordPress-lovin’ folk in the Happiness Bar.

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Tickets Running Out – Buy Yours Soon!

With less than 3 weeks to go, tickets for #WCSTL 2011 are getting snatched up like free lightsabers at a Star Wars convention! There are less than 60 tickets remaining and the ridiculously awesome schedule was just announced with sessions ranging from WordPress security to WP SEO tips to a core Q&A session with lead WordPress.org developer Peter Westwood! Do you know what this means, people?!? This means WordCamp St. Louis 2011 is going to be INSANELY AWESOME.

Quite honestly, I don’t even know why you’re still reading this – buy your tickets now!

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Schedule Posted for WordCamp St. Louis 2011!

We have posted the schedule for WordCamp St. Louis 2011. Make sure to check it out to see which sessions you’re most interested in attending. We pared down our 3 tracks to 2: Business and Development. However, in the morning, we will offer three sessions per hour to split out our development track into beginner and advanced development sessions.

Don’t forget to check out the speakers and the session details – we are constantly updated these pages as speakers send in their information – so make sure you keep checking back to stay updated!

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